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Hobbies and Clubs


Music is an essential part of our school life. We Provide ample opportunities to the students for developing their skills in a range of musical instruments. Specialised facilities are available at the School to study various arts, ranging from painting and drawing to pottery, sculpture and theatre. For those with the flair for musical performance, the School's prestigious band provides the desired channel for expression.



Separate spacious gymnasium facilities are provided to Boys, Girls and Kids for keeping them physically fit and trim, thus reinforcing the maxim: A sound mind resides in a healthy body.


The Pre-Primary and the Primary Wings especially lay a significant stress on the activity-oriented education, which transports the kids away from the dull world of books into the world of creativity and self-assertion. It revitalizes their energies for the subsequent better performance. The School provides A-grade creative recreational facilities that include the Nursery Hall, Children's Park and Creativity Expression Hall for satisfying the creative needs of the kids.



Our declared aim is the fullest satisfaction of the ever changing needs of the contemporary society nationally and globally. Therefore, imparting high quality computer education is our top priority and we intend to make the students techno-savvy in this field. We have a fully developed network campus with internet facility through VSAT. There are more than 300 A-grade sophisticated computers in the computer labs for individualized operation. Besides this, there are a number of projection televisions and LCD projectors to supplement and facilitate the teaching-cum-learning process. The whole campus is fully automated to get the work done precisely and quickly. Moreover, the School has recently launched its Video Conferencing, Biometry, IVRS, SMS, Online Lectures Facility for updating and modernising computer education.


To instill the qualities of sportsmanship in students, the school provides special skating ground and skilled coaches. The scene of students gliding on wheels appears to be a treat to everyone's eyes. Many skating prodigies have won laurels for the institution in various skating competitions.


'One's hand writing is the mirror of one's personality'. Following this dictum the frequently organizes many calligraphy competitions not only for students but for teachers also. They are rewarded with accolades on showing excellent calligraphic skills.


To assess the students' aesthetic skills, the school organizes Origami Competitions time & again. Some special classes are arranged to enhance their skills when students exhibit their origami creations, every onlooker is left spellbound.


Horse Riding is a royal and adventurous sport. It automatically fills in a sense of self esteem, splendor and bravery in an individual. The school proudly owns a stable that keeps more than one dozen top bred horses and a sprawling horses riding ground for the young riders to develop equestrian skills.

Trips & Tours

Naintal Tour
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The School periodically organizes concessional educational trips to the well known historical places and museums across the country and abroad to widen the mental horizons of its students. It proactively holds exchange programmes with various leading schools of England, France, Germany and Australia on a regular basis.

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Rishikul Vidyapeeth
Sonepat - 131001 Haryana India
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