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The Vision of the school is to ensure a synchronized growth of a child's body, mind and soul so as to keep him very much attached to the elementary roots of Indian culture and ethos while developing in him the global outlook on life. Taking this vision along in April 1991, the visionary founder and legendary academician Sh S K Sharma planted this sapling named Rishikul Vidyapeeth, just close to NH-1 at Sonepat, Haryana hoping that it will take the shape of a giant tree to bless the society and the world with its benevolent bounties.The dream has now come true as the school has carved a niche for itself in the field of providing world class education to the young learners, so as to transform them into a more pragmatic, morally sound, professionally mature and socially sensible generation of tomorrow.

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Rishikul Vidyapeeth
Sonepat - 131001 Haryana India
Senior Wing: +91-130-2234374
Middle Wing: +91-130-2237074
Primary Wing: +91-130-2235274

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