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About School

Rishikul Vidyapeeth is spread over an area of 42 acres, the school is a cluster of majestic green edifices designed to serve the cause of supplying all necessary accessories to education. Aesthetically maneuvered activity arenas, sprawling play grounds, acoustic auditoria, fully automated campus, activity based learning methods and inculcation of global etiquette and manners are a few hallmarks of the school.

We, at Rishikul, whole heartedly dedicated our sincere endeavours to ensure a synchronous growth the children's mind, body and soul, and vow to achieve our aim of making them ideal citizens of this world.

Senior Wing

The Senior Wing is all equipped with multifarious infrastructural & technological facilities to assist the Senior students in achieving academic excellence. The whole setup is such as infuses into young learners a high magnitude enthusiasm & curiosity to attain new dimensions in the field of Science & Technology besides keeping them in touch with alimented roots of Indian culture & traditions.

Secondary Wing

The adolescent period of a student's life is the most crucial one. The Secondary Wing executes various plans and strategies to hone the latent talent of the students by channelling the boundless energy of students into fruitful pursuits. The attainment of knowledge and virtues in the lower classes is further strengthened and re explored through specially designed activities like accent neutrilisation, singing, dancing, participation in quizzes, sports, symposiums, exhibitions, project making, Interactive sessions, workshops and seminars, and so on, in the Secondary Wing. The ultimate aim is to utilize the potential of the young learners for their own benefits by refurbishing their creative, scientific, communication, social, emotional and life skills to make them ready to face the challenges of future life.

Middle Wing

The Middle Wing is a living centre of creativity. It facilitates the junior students from classes 6 to 8 in developing their mental & behavioural domains in a most conducive environment. Besides interactive smart faculty rooms and classrooms there are ample recreational facilities like Drawing Hall, Dance Hall, Music Hall, to lessen the academic burden and make the learning process a thrilling experience.

Primary Wing

The Primary Wing is innovatively designed to make education activity based. Tiny tots are provided with numerous opportunities to take them away from the dull world of books. The Kids Fanciful World is all equipped with the latest fun articles to entice small kids to come to school without crawling like a snail. There are ample recreational facilities like Drawing Hall, Dance Hall, Music Hall, to lessen the academic burden and make the learning process a thrilling experience.


Rishikul Vidyapeeth takes special pride in providing matchless boarding facilities for students from classes III to XII separately for girls & boys. Its kitchens are widely acclaimed for exceptionally hygienic preparations of vegetarian food with the help of ultra modern appliances. It also provides round the clock medical care to the boarders.

It also houses big ,solar systems, common rooms, Table Tennis Halls and ultra modern Gyms.

Millennium Tower

The millennium Tower is the proudest possession of Rishikul Vidyapeeth. It houses the most sophisticated Computer Labs provided with more than 300 A Grade computers and Internet facility through VSAT. Besides this, there are labs for all subjects including the Digital English Language Lab in its modern building. On its ground floor it has the provision for Cafeteria that serves topclass refreshments at reasonable prices.

Store Building

The Store Building is purposely built to run various manufacturing & repairing workshops like carpenter's shop, laundry, barber's shop, tailor's shop for providing prompt and easy services to boarders on the campus itself.

Science Park

If mankind were stripped off all the fruits of Science, life would be reduced to animal level - solitary, poor, brutish and short. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to acquaint the young learners with science and its fundamental concepts right from the beginning. The School proudly possesses an innovatively designed Science Park on its campus to guide student's sunderstanding of scientific principles and their application in everyday life.

Parking Lot

The multi storeyed Parking Lot facilitates a systematic parking of different sorts of vehicles separately for students, staff and visitors

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Rishikul Vidyapeeth
Sonepat - 131001 Haryana India
Senior Wing: +91-130-2234374
Middle Wing: +91-130-2237074
Primary Wing: +91-130-2235274

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